Our Company.

In 1.987 the ISODEL-SPRECHER, S.A., company closed at the national level it left behind a technical void and a pressing need for maintance, repairs and supply of replacement parts for all of installed electrical switchgear whose volume amounted was approximately 90% of the National Electrical Park.

With the intention of filling the empty space produced in this very important field, in november of 1.988 was created Repuestos Isodel, S.A., a Spanish company, formed largely by the shareholders, management, technical and department heads and other qualified specialists from the former Isodel-Sprecher, S.A. company.

In the years since the foundation of Repuestos Isodel, S.A., the market objectives have been to give to the Clients the services of assembly, maintance, repairs and supply for all types of replacement parts and it has been reached very successfully, even at the most demanding levels. Because of this, we are now suppliers to all the Spanish energy manufacturers and distributors as well as all principal industrial companies.

Actually, looking to the future and to complement our existing lines, we are developing a range of Circuit Breakers in technical of SF6 outdoor service for voltages up to 72,5 kV. 

Complete devices and Subassemblies 

Repairs and Amendments